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Our Team


Morgan Lewis


Morgan’s background as a qualified mechanical and aerospace engineer provides a valuable edge to Built Easy. Morgan coordinates a wide range of critical time-based processes to ensure support services are delivered to an exceptional standard for our clients. This has afforded him a solid understanding and capability with a variety of technologies, which is invaluable in today’s ever-changing marketplace that focuses heavily on communication and building relationships through social media marketing.

0408 701 254

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Miran Ranchod


Miran studied a Bachelor of Property Economics and brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in deciphering the vast technical information within the industry. Distinguished by his ongoing enthusiasm and personable approach, Miran consistently delivers outstanding sales results. Throughout the years, Miran has developed strong negotiation skills, a comprehensive understanding of key metrics relating to each transaction, and knowledge of niche market conditions.

0457 979 966


Rafer Gao


Rafer joined the Built Easy team at the end of 2020 to drive our channel sales in the international market. He brings a tremendous energy to our team and shows passion in everything he does. In addition to being multi-lingual, Rafer's extensive experience with the Chinese buyer market and the project marketing space makes him a valuable asset to the Built Easy team.


Rafer has a background in Biotechnology/Genetics and a Master of Food Studies.

0402 641 403

Tamara Parker

Marketing Manager

Tamara's extensive knowledge in digital and social media marketing brings huge value not only to our team but, more importantly, our sellers. In today’s digital age, effective online marketing is crucial. Using the latest strategies, Tamara leverages the team’s listings to increase exposure, which generates more enquiries for our sellers. With a background public relations and global product marketing in the technology space, Tamara brings a broad range of skills and experiences to the team.

0435 332 955

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